Our Service:

room_signsWe provide:

  • Full and part time childcare.
  • After School Care
  • Playgroup & Preschool  Morning Sessions (ECCE Approved)

ECCE Scheme Approved

Due to the high number of fully qualified staff both in childcare and preschool , Home from Home Creche has been approved for the ECCE scheme.

The Early ChildCare Education scheme is designed to give your child a free preschool education before starting school.  If you would like to hear further information on this scheme or would like to book a place for your child, please contact us as we will be happy  to answer any questions you may have.

ECCE Rules of Qualification

A child will qualify for the free preschool under the ECCE scheme if they turn 3 prior to 31st December, in this case the ECCE scheme will cover 2 years for your child (effective from September 2018.

If your child turns 3 between January and March, your child can start the ECCE scheme on 01st April, again you can pay for them to attend prior to this until the scheme comes into effect. In this event your child will get April to June and the following September to June under the free preschool ECCE programme.

If your child turns 3 after the above dates, they will enroll for the following September under the regulations of the ECCE scheme


inside_creche_3We are an approved service for the various government schemes now in place. If you qualify for any of the government schemes,  we can help you with your childcare needs.  Please contact us for further details on availability

  • TEC – Training & Employment Childcare
  • CCSP – Community Childcare Subvention Plus (Affordable Childcare)
  • CCSU – Government subsidy, this is available for all children up until they qualify for the ECCE free preschool service. The government subsidy is not means tested and offers a reduction of up to €20.00 per week per child attending on a full time basis.


inside_creche_4Childpath is a programme we have implemented which helps you build a unique memory of your child allowing you to monitor, track and analyse the information to improve your child’s learning and development as it happens. You will receive real time instant updates and photo’s as they happen through the day from us on your child’s well-being through your smartphone/tablet or PC.

Better Start

This is a Quality Development initiative which establishes a cohesive approach to quality across the Early Childhood Education and Care sector in Ireland.  We have undertaken this new approach to further enhance our knowledge and the quality of our curriculum  and in doing so to better support children’s learning an development in our setting.

The Better Start Access and Inclusion model offers a range of supports to ensure that all children with disabilities can access and fully participate in preschool.

The Broader aim of Better Start is to bring coordination, cohesion and consistency to provision of state funded ECEC quality supports and to work in alignment with statutory ECEC systems

inside_crecheAisteair Programme
Home from Home Creche has implemented the Aisteir Programme since September 2011. The Aisteair programme assists in your child’s development by learning through play.

After School Club
We provide a drop off and pick up service from local schools. During holidays and mid-term we bring the children to the beach, Ardgillan Castle and the library making the most of their holiday time.

All food is prepared fresh each day.
We provide a balanced diet of meals for your child, including fruit platters and morning snack between their main meals.

Kitchen staff are fully qualified on the HACCP system.