Now enrolling for FREE 2 years preschool as per recent Budget Announcement

Due to the recent Budget announcements your child will qualify for an additional free year if they have turned 3 prior to 1st September 2016, in this case the ECCE scheme will cover 2 years for your child (assuming they don’t start primary school till September 2018).

If your child turns 3 between September and December 2016 they can avail of the scheme from the 1st January 2017, however you can pay for your child from September to December and the scheme will come into effect from January.

If your child turns three between January and March 2017, your child can start the ECCE scheme on 1st April 2017, assuming they don’t start school till September 2018 again you can pay for them previous to do this and the scheme will then come into effect in April.

If your child turns three after the above dates, they will enroll for September 2017.

If you would like an application for your child or if you have any questions on the two year scheme, please give us a call of complete the contact form here