2 Years Free Preschool under ECCE scheme

A child qualifies for the free preschool under the ECCE scheme if they turn 3 prior to 31st December, in this case the ECCE scheme will cover 2 years for your child.

If your child turns 3 between January and March, your child can start the ECCE scheme in April,  you can choose to pay for them to attend prior to this until the scheme comes into effect. In this event your child will get April to June and the following September to June under the free preschool ECCE programme.

If your child turns 3 after the above dates, they will enrol for the following September under the regulations of the ECCE scheme.

If your child starts in the preschool and they do not yet qualify for the ECCE scheme they are entitled to the received the Universal Childcare Subsidy which was introduced in August 2017. With the 3 hour session this reduces the fee by €1.40 per morning .The balance is paid by the parent until a time the child qualifies for the ECCE scheme.

If you would like an application for your child or if you have any questions on the two year scheme, please give us a call of complete the contact form here